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Luma and its cloud server requirements


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I asked a few support questions to Luma and got some answers saying Luma needs connection to their cloud servers.  I have rearranged my questions and their answers by Alex - Luma support on July 12, 2016.  My question 3 is vague, I wanted to ask if Luma can work in a LAN only without internet access.


Q1. Is Luma cloud-based? As in needing to interact with your servers for configuration or ongoing operation?
A1. Yes, if you want to take advantage of our advanced Parental Control functionality.
Q2. What happens if your servers are down?
A2. If your devices are assigned to users, down-time in our cloud will limit connectivity. However, we work diligently to ensure that our cloud servers have zero down time
Q3. What happens if the ISP/internet is down at my location? Will Luma work? If Luma is power cycled and ISP is still down, will Luma work or needs internet access to start up again?
A3. Luma has no control over your ISP. Luma will automatically restart when your internet access from your provider is restored.
Q4. What if getLuma company closes, will my Lumas still work?
A4. Our advanced technology and elegant design make Luma the right choice for all households, and we look forward to bringing fast, reliable, secure WiFi to our customers for a long time!

A typical residential grade WIFI router would be able to provide connectivity between WLAN devices withour first communicating with the internet.


Does anyone have anymore thoughts or questions to see if Luma can run standalone?

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Unless I am not reading the answers correctly, they have not answered any of the question you asked.


It is quite simple.  If my ISP connection is down (off line) does Luma still work correctly and provide for local router function in my home?

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This Alex from Luma said the following now, which is still vague since LAN is still online, not the WAN access during outage.


Q5: My internet access maybe intermittent, like when I switch ISPs. I hope my WLAN stays active, so I can access my NAS and ethernet-based printer through my LAN.  I don't want to have to keep a backup old wifi router to substitute if Luma can't come back up if ISP is not available.


A5: To answer your question, yes. If your main ISP goes down, the LAN (or Network in this case) will stay active. When your ISP connection returns, you'll be able to get back online.

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Sounds like you need a connection to the internet to access the cloud-based options, like filtering and family control.   And the LAN would still function even if internet is down.


I love the response about them closing down.  That's some Presidential-quality non answering right there :)


This is a big concern for me....if either Luma or Eero go out of business, we have $300 paperweights.

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