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Need advice- replacing my HTPC

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OMG everyone needs to look at this, the OP should look no further then this steel from Amazon, What am I missing?

Synology DS-416 a whopping 90.33 cents  :o Everyone needs to grab a few of these before they fix the price.



Newegg is selling the DS-416 now for 449.99


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Look at the TS-451+ from QNAP.  I have the previous TS451 and love.  I have 5.5T of movies on it and is the repository for my plex server.  It will handle your time machine needs as well.     https


Is it worth a $110 price differential over the former TS-451?


I have the 451+. It has good performance, and I upgraded it to 8GB of RAM.

Super quiet too.

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I don't see why the 5D wouldn't work - it appears as a normal USB external HDD.  I don't have a Shield or I'd test it, but the 5D works just fine plugged in to my Asus router (RT-AC87U).

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Before you go jumping to a Shield TV as a Plex Server, have a read around. There are many many people unhappy with the PMS side of things, amongst other complaints.




I have a Shield TV, but just continue to use it as my client, and my Gen8 (E3-1265LV2) as my server.


I suspect the Shield TV is ok when mainly direct playing, be interesting to hear how it fares with multiple transcoded streams.

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Interesting. Maybe I just get a NUC or similar. I usually am transcoding one stream to the kid's iPad at most. Everything else is direct play.

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