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Few Microserver Gen8 Questions


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New to the Gen8, had a Gen7 for a few years.

Firstly, installing an optical drive (without the silly bracket), I've had an idea of using:



And connecting to the internal USB, any issues with that?

Also, SSD to run WHS2011 - can the ODD internal SATA be used for that? 

Current drives are in AHCI mode - no RAID setup, I use DrivePool for replication.



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I use the same adaptor for my dvd writer it has worked for over a year with no issues. The odd can be used for whs2011 but it will not boot from it in ahci mode without an sd card hack. If you use the b120i in raid it will boot on the odd which I have recently made the change to in the hope my microserver would run quieter.


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