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Ethernet issue


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My Gen 8 is acting up. I'm running 2012 Essentials R2 and have updated the server with 10/2015 SPP. This is a fresh install on a used server.


Ethernet 1 was only giving me a 100M connection at my Trend 16 port switch. I swapped the Cat5E cables and no change. I then connected Ethernet 1 to a PS1810G switch I have and it starts out with a 1G connection but after a few hours performance falls off and the switch shows 100M connection. I used some canned air to blow out the jack. The pins in the jack all look good.


Ethernet 2 appears to be working fine at 1G using the same cables and ports that I used with Ethernet 1.


Any ideas

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Disable the NIC and reboot and then enable the trouble NIC. Or Reinstall the OS since it is a fresh install.

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