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Same offer as WedDT.org


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Has anyone ever stumbled across webdt.org??


I personally use these WebDT touch screens for music interfaces, specifically Squeezeplay/Squeezebox and as you can probably guess the Squeezebox server runs on my WHS.

They are great...I have one in the Kitchen, Bedroom, Office, TV Room and Garage/shop. YES they are CHEAP. And give me music –synchronised - all over the house.


I also have one at the desk and one in the shop that I use as a screen (RDP) into my WHS v1, WHS Vail and Aurora boxes.


Through a closed business I have come upon about 50 of these WebDT 366s.


I have offered them for sale over at webdt.org for a while and they have been buying them up like crazy.

Being a WHS Show listener from way, way back in the beginning I thought I should extend the offer so there you go.

Check it out here!


Remote desktop into your new WHS build on a mobile touch screen for as little as $75.00

As I think I have heard Tim Daleo say more then once.. "you don't need it but it's cool"



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I am really interested but I would like to know more about how you are using it and what you have loaded on it it to make it work. Sound quality? etc.

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Oh yes they are a lot of fun and you can do a ton of fun stuff with them.

Not to mention WHS screen via RDS.

Go to www.webdt.org and see what people are doing with them.


At the price CDN $75.00 they come with no OS but the easiest install is different flavours of XP or for the more adventurous almost any version of Linux.

Most would do a 4GB upgrade to make Windows run easier.


The details....well here is the cut sheet

WebDT366 Basic Operation Guide


Display 8.4” Resistive Touch Resolution 800 x 600 (SVGA)


Processor AMD Geode LX 800


Memory (flash) 64MB – 8GB, Memory 512MB RAM


External USB; CompactFlash slot


Desktop Cradle Pass-through for power; USB for keyboard and mouse


Network Interface mini-PCI


Four front buttons; One oval 4-way button


One Power; One Record


12V DC-in Jack; Microphone-In; Headset Jack;

USB 2.0 (LX)

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My setup


WHS V1 with Squeezebox add-in


Squeezeplay loaded on PCs and WebDT 366s


With the PCs I just use the PC powered Speakers


  • In the TV room I have a WedDT in the docking cradle with its audio out jack connected into the Aux in on a Bose Audio/Video Surround system.
  • In the kitchen I have a WedDT hung on the wall with its audio out jack routed to a little Bose Wave.
  • I have a mobile WebDT (layin around anywhere)that connects to any of the perminent room setups. A cool feature of Squeezplay,it can control any other squeezplay.
  • The bedroom and office have WebDTs connected to very small digital amplifiers and then to nice bookself speakers.
  • The Garage/Shop has SqueezePlay running on a secondary PC with audio out to, again, a very small digital amplifier and then to nice bookself speakers which I control with a WebDT.

SqueezePlay on my PC (I'll grab my camera and send out some SqueezePlay on WebDT pics


By the way SqueezePlay will run on WIN or Linux





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Ya you're right. I use it to remote into everything. I'm a remote junky.

I sit at the kitchen island and surf my own hardware. Do you think I have a problem??? :P


There is no kidding that the AMD 800 is a gen or two old but I have a stripped down version of WinXP (nLite) running on it and it runs RDP like the wind.


They also have very limited memory space which keeps the hacker in me from messing with them. They stay a one or two purpose device and therefore work well all the time. Great Required for wife ecceptance factor.

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  • 1 month later...

SqueezePlay on my PC (I'll grab my camera and send out some SqueezePlay on WebDT pics


Better late then never, right.....


Here are some pictures of WinXP and SqueezePlay running on the WebDT 366
























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