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Is the ODD SATA port special in some way ?


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(Disclaimer: my gen8 hasn't arrived yet so I can't confirm it myself)


I want to make a 5 disk raidz using FreeNAS, boot ing from internal USB or SD.

What I want to know is if the 5:th SATA port (ODD) is special in some way.

I understand that I need to mod the case to fit a 3.5 incher on top of the case, but it doesn't bother me much.

Warranties are meant to be broken, right ;-)


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B120i is just the Intel chipset SATA controller but with a HP BIOS + driver if it is in B120i mode. In AHCI mode, you just have the regular AHCI BIOS + driver with the caveat that it doesn't support booting from the ODD port.


Bay 1 + 2 is SATA III 6Gbps.

Bay 3 + 4 + ODD is SATA II 3Gbps only.


All 5 ports are connected to the Intel chipset SATA controller. The speed limitation is due to the design of the Intel chipset (C204) used.

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