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afaik, a workaround is not possible. the only answer is for the dev to implement OAuth. A workaround would kinda defeat the purpose of using OAuth in the first place.


BTW, the reason for the OAuth is to facilitate cross-site authentication; for example, allowing TwitPic to have access to your twitter account. OAuth makes it possible for you to authorize TwitPic to access your acct for specific purposes without you having to give TwitPic any of your twitter credentials.


Take some random site you visit. You create an acct there. Now that you've done that, there is really no way to take your credentials back... they already have them. With OAuth, they never get your credentials in the first place. Plus, it's now possible for you to go to your twitter page and revoke credentials to sites that you no longer want to have access to your twitter acct. It's very powerful, and very convenient.

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