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Read Me First - Again - 2016


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Hey HSS Forums,


Wow. It has been a crazy start to 2016 and it's almost July! We are growing by leaps and bounds.  That means growing pains to a forum and we go through them every so often.  I'm going to address a few things here for existing members as well as first time posters.


This is a discussion forum and not a help desk.  Research your question first.


Search in the forum.  


Search via google.  Like this:       site:homeservershow.com TS140 hot swap   Put that line in your google search box and it will search for the terms "TS140 hot swap" only on homeservershow.com   It works amazingly well and much better than the forum search box.


First time posters, please don't surf through and drop half a dozen questions in your first post.  That's not cool.  


Respect in your answers.  


Like the posts that help you, amuse you, etc.  It's just nice to do!


If someone made you mad, close your browser.  Chances are you won't be as mad the next day.


Keep on topic!  We are dealing with that a lot these days.  If you feel your comment will take the topic in a new direction, post a new topic!  A post with 15 pages and 300 posts doesn't help anyone.


Enable spell checker. Please.


If you have a marathon post, write it in Word or something else prior to opening up HSS New Topic.  


Edits are enabled for a VERY Short time only. It's the way it is.  Otherwise an edited post would skew the entire conversation into a heap of goo.


If you got help from someone, thank them.  If you got help in general and like this place please add to the conversation in other posts.  Share your knowledge and experiences.  If you like this place please shop via HSS Links.  http://davesamazon.com Is the best way to help pay for the server and bandwidth costs.


As always, questions or comments, you may PM me.  I will answer as soon as I move into my new house!  Ha Ha. Thanks again for contributing here.  You are valued.



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