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itGeeks. If you were on Twitter  you would have seen this transaction.


They tweeted the link to that article.


I tweeted a quote from the article: On the other hand, it’s barely functional and rather buggy.


They then quickly deleted the original link.


Glad I could help. :)

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Consumer report from GabonPhil on setting up his Luma Three Pack (Meetup 2016 prize).



Other than hear Luma and competitor products mentioned on the podcasts and seeing topic headings in the forums; I only had an awareness-level understanding of the various surround network mesh products. So winning the three pack of Lumas at Meetup 2016 was ideal for me. Thanks itGeeks for the generous prize.


Our house is a large (by UK standards :mellow: ) detached two level building with an attic plus thick internal and external brick walls.


Virgin Media have fibre in the street and coax to our house. Our package is 150 down/10 up Mbps; 200 Mbps broadband is offered too.


My current router is a Virgin Media Super Hub 2ac with 2.4GHz and 5GHz wireless bands. Wi-Fi coverage around the house is adequate with the use of a wifi extender. Cat5 cables and powerline networking are also utilized. Aspirational hopes were for Wi-Fi coverage to our patio and garage.


Using my existing kit, Speedtest app shows from my couch the 5GHz and 2.4GHz bands run at 122/10 Mbps and 62/10 Mbps respectively. Latency is consistently ~21 ms.


Only the slower speed 2.4GHz wireless is really relevant as the 5GHz wireless range is limited.


Set up

On the way home from Meetup 2016 I read loads of Home Server Show threads about Luma; what a story! From the early funding, through delayed delivery, limited software and distribution issues; Luma had been a difficult birth. Hopefully I’d benefit from all the efforts you early adopters made.


You’ve all seen a Luma set up on You Tube, so no need for me to share that.


Logged on to the router and put it into modem mode. This disabled Wi-Fi plus all but one wired port of the network hub too, so I needed a switch for my wired connections. Found and old 10/100 hub and I’ve ordered a gigabit switch. All the wired connections are working okay.


There was one minor challenge, the three power supplies are US rather than UK. Three adapters quickly solved that issue. Ultimately I might replace them with UK versions, but Luma aren’t selling in UK yet.


The Luma app suggested a Luma on each floor which was quick and easy. One needed to be repositioned during set up. One went offline and had to be rebooted.



Wi-Fi inside and outside seems robust. Luma app is reporting 66/9 mbps. Speedtest app results are ~20/10 Mbps.



My existing Wi-Fi set up was already perfectly adequate for my needs with good speeds, coverage and fast ping.


The Luma app reports it delivers the same speeds as my existing 2.4GHz router; but the signal is more pervasive and is reaching further outside. Speed test doesn’t confirm the Luma app’s claimed speeds; to be sure I’ll try some other sites.


Early impressions are positive and I’ll update this post if there are any interesting developments.

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