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E3-1265L / PCI-e?


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Hi All


I've been running the G1610T with a TBS satellite card for a few years.


I've just upgrade the CPU to a E3-1265L and the card isnt being 'seen'?


Something I need to do?



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No. There isn't anything special you need to do.


1. Does a different PCIe card get recognised?

2. If you still have the old CPU, does that recognise the satellite card?

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No, nothing gets recognised.


Not tried old CPU. Will do though.


The card has a power supply, which has never been needed.


Will the new CPU be taking all the power and not enough left for card?

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OK, so changed the CPU back and the card is fine.


Just realised that I bought an E3-1265L and NOT and V2.


Code is SR0G0 - I've got no idea on the power etc... how can I find out?


If the CPU is pulling all the power and the card cant operate, and the PSU doesn't come with 6 pin pci-e power adapter.... what are my options?

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Put the G1610T back in.... Sat Card appears with no issues.


Upgraded BIOS to latest version.


Sat card still ok.


Put the E3-1265L back in, and no Sat Card appears.... surely that extra 10w on the CPU doesn't make the difference!? The card pulls 10-19w.


How can I troubleshoot this?

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