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My garage rack cabinet so far


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This is a follow up of the topic I started here: http://homeservershow.com/forums/index.php?/topic/10563-rack-mounted-in-home-environment/


Currently I have the following setup:

 - Cabinet - Prism PI 24U, 800mm wide

 - 3 servers with components I salvaged from all the crap around:

    = Dell T710 with 2x Xeon E5620, 16GB RAM, ~900GB in 4 HDDs @15k + ~9TB in 4HDDs @7.2k, Perc H700 with 512MB battery baked cache, rails + cable management arm (CMA) kit

    = Two Dell R410, each with 2x Xeon X5675, 32GB RAM, ~3.5TB in 4HDDs @7.2k, Perc 6iR, rails + CMA kit - I picked these with 125gbp each without RAM, HDDs and rails/CMA. One CPU alone usually costs more.

 - APC 3U UPS (SUA3000RMXMLI3U) + rails - heavy and loud, but got it for cheap (120gbp) and it allows me to move the server cabinet around without powering off anything

 - HP ProCurve 2510G-24 - screamer

 - 2 PDUs with 6x UK sockets each - should have went with IEC C14 sockets in vertical PDU, but had a box full of UK to IEC C13 cables

 - 2 detachable network inputs in cabinet

 - 2 detachable power inputs in cabinet (UK plug to IEC C19)

 - A big ball of assorted networking cables

 - 1000 of plastic zip ties - if I need to rewire something - I just cut them

 - Some outdoor networking cable from my living room to the garage


Lessons learned:

 - The mosquito net protects perfectly from spiders and fairly well from dust, but increases considerably the temperature in cabinet, the garage is warmer overall as well

 - No issues with humidity - servers run non-stop

 - Would have avoided this UPS and switch if I knew how loud they are

 - Need heavy duty castors for cabinet - the normal ones are nearly broken


Next plans:

 - Get a 1U KVM console with a switch - despite all remote management, sometimes I have to run into the garage with my keyboard

 - Replace the ProCurve 2510G-24 with something fanless (1810G-24?) - I am not using all its features anyway. Would happily swap if someone has a spare switch

 - If I will find any silent 24 volt fans - replace the ones form UPS. They work non-stop and make a lot of noise

 - Separate front of rack from back to avoid hot air recirculation - this is the main cause of high temperature in cabinet

 - (the most complicated part) add some sort of sound proofing - soundproof foam inside and MDF outside and add some exhaust fans to create negative pressure in the cabinet


Below are some photos of how all this looks like, any comments or suggestions are welcome.


1 - front - small.jpg


2 - back - small.jpg


3 - detail - small.jpg


PS: really annoying that forum does not allow me to attach images directly from OneDrive by complaining that the extension is not allowed (OneDrive generates extensionless URL).

Here is a link to full size images: https://1drv.ms/f/s!AkkgZpf01_I6h7NYhf9FQDwlIsAP6A

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