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Raid 5 for ML10 V2


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Any recommendations to build raid 5 for ML10 v2?

I know b120i won't support raid 5, is there any cheap option to support raid 5?

I had search for P222, but with FBWC the price will be over $600 in Australia.

Any recommendations? 

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Depends on the OS.  


You could do ZFS or the like if you're using Linux. 

If you're using Windows, FlexRAID or SnapRAID+DrivePool may work well. Or .... Storage Spaces.


As for hardware, HighPoint cards may work. You're not going to get good performance, but it will work.  Anything else is probably going to be more expensive. 

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You could look for a HPE P212. It will only run SATA drives at SATAII speed, but it will support RAID5. I am not sure if iLo will monitor it.

As stated above, have you considered any of the drive pooling options?

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