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How do I update the BIOS on a MS Gen8?


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I've just been through this mission, so I'll do my best to reply. Others may give better instructions or clarification.


Either get a cheap iLo licence, or register to get the free evaluation (instructions further down).

You can get the Service Pack for ProLiant (SPP) Version 2016.04.0 here:



It's massive so start downloading.



I won't detail the rest of the process, because the legends that created this video cover everything really well: 


Good luck with it!

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Thank you tazmaniak! I found the same video earlier and was about to post it.

All done successfully now. I thought it would be a 2 minute process, but I was obviously wrong... :-)

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No worries. Yeah looks like the whole unit is a lot more complicated than what I'm used to, but I'm keen to learn!

Upgrading cpu later today(!), including SSD & HDD's. Trying to decide whether to go Esxi or Hyper-v, and whether raid or ahci...


Much choice, such data, no time.

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For me ESX was the easy choice, why have a full fat operating system to run as a hypervisor, when you can have one that is only designed to do the job and runs in RAM?

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