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Looking for basic setup guide for my ML10v2


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Bought this ML10v2 a few months ago and have been hitting wall after wall, frustrated- putting it away for a few weeks, and then trying again. I can not get it to boot from a USB and have not figured out how to recognize and identify drives!


I have gotten iLO4 working with a valid key, I have updated the SPP, registered on who knows how many HP/HPE pages, looked through the documentation- but still can't get the machine to boot to my Linux USB for installation.


This seems like a basic step, but I've kind of lost my objectivity at this point and wanted to ask for help. Is there something I need to do in iLO4 to have it recognize the install media or my drives? I can't seem to make sense of the Virtual Media field.


I want to install Ubuntu 16.04 Server- HP/SPP says it supports Canonical. How do I get the machine to 1) open into BIOS? is it F2/F9/F10/F11 during boot? My POST sequence never seems to get past 10%, and then 2) recognize my hard drives, no matter what number SATA cable, it doesn't see them. I can only open the iLO4 manager from another computer on my network, so I can't open it on local host like the (very helpful) Joe Stutsman videos and instruction guides suggest.


Anyhow, any input on this configuration would be appreciated. I know I'm missing something, but want to exhaust all options before I return this.


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I am not expert but just set up mine and it was frustrating coming from a N54L microserver.  


  The boot sequence is long and itself reboots at least once with some beeps during the process, so you need to wait it out.  If the ram is compatible and seated correctly, you should see the counter progress past 10%. Mine goes up to at least 70% before the screen changes, but the boot sequence takes a long time, probably minutes.  


 I would boot with a monitor attached and watch the whole time, maybe with a cup of tea/coffee/beer.  It will show you the options for bios (F9 I think) and there are some other options as well like boot sequence if all is well.


If you do not see these and multiple other screens then you have a problem.  I could only suggest videoing the boot seqeunce nad uploading to youtube for more experienced people to look at.


If all is well you need to change the boot sequence and maybe go into the storage section of the bios to change the disks to ahci mode.  The bios is relatively normal once inside.


I installed an os from usb, but it said to create a dos bootable usb stick which I did with rufus from memory, then installed the files to the usb, and it installed fine.  Not too hard but I certainly didn't get it right the first time.  Once you get your head around it, it kind of makes sense.

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