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Move, Podcast, and Meetup Status


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Moving sucks.


Getting closer though.  I have so many priorities that are way ahead of both my office and podcasting.  I apologize for that.  We have an offer on the house and are getting through appraisal and inspection now. 


I just finished up baseball season in which I was coaching my son's team.  My office is in shambles and pieces and parts are everywhere.  I have only one Eero setup at the moment.  I'm trying to find spots for the others while I wait for Luma to arrive.


I have my main Synology 1813+ moved and it is back to syncing and backing up.  I have yet to start surveillance or any other home automation tasks.  I do have two new Ecobee3's setup and I got the Spruce sprinkler system operating and talking to SmartThings.  There is a lot to that thing and I'm hoping to talk to the owner soon and possibly get on his beta team.


I moved my Ooma over too.  What a fantastic service.  Can't speak highly enough of it and it's ability to follow me.


I'm hoping to survive this week and move to the next and get my mic set up in my office.  PC still needs a home too.  As soon as I get back behind the mic I'll give a shout to all my Patrons from Patreon.  patreon.com/davidmccabe  Check it out.  I'm so excited about this thing.  I've went overboard on the first goal when it was reached.  I upgraded a lot of stuff on the server.  You should be a patron!


Also, I have a fun story to tell on the next show.  Keeping it short I have a new domain for ya.  http://davesamazon.com Use that to shop Amazon.  Hopefully you can remember that one better than homeservershow.com/amazon

What was daves amazon link again?  ;)


Meetup.  I have not forgotten you!  A lot is going through my head on this topic.  Let alone the official shirt of meetup.  I'm thinking of linking something to Patreon but don't worry I'm not going to make attendees be patrons.  I would like to give a little back though.  I'll have the signup sheet out soon!  Don't wait though.  http://homeservershow.com/forums/index.php?/topic/11147-meetup-2016/page-2#entry117060  We are having it rain or shine!


Questions? PM me or use this thread.  As always, thank you for reading and participating in this community.



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