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Brand new HP ml10 v2 - Questions


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Hello everyone and thanks for looking at my post, hoping I can learn from you guys. I'm new to the form and new to the whole home server thing. Been a gamer and system builder most of my life but with a wife and 2 kids I don't do much gaming any more and thought I would get a home server up to keep home movies, family pictures, and our music on, and eventually rip my dvd and blu rays collections on. Saw this ML10 v2 on new egg for $200 and gave it a shot. Well I'm up and running right now, stock with a old Seagate 80gig hard drive wich will get replaced. I just ordered a few toys off newegg.com last night to beef this thing up a little and wondered what you guys with a little more knowledge thought. For starters I bought a Adata 60 gig ssd for my os drive. I got a ICY DOCK MB882SP-1S-2B to store it in. I also bought a pci exhaust fan (evercool sb-f1), and a  xfx hd5450 video card so I can give my cousin back his gtx 210 (I don't know why he is so worried about it lol.) I also ordered a stick of Kingston ram KTH-PL316ES/4G. I figured for what I'm using it for the stock I3 and 8gig of ram should be plenty of power. Running Ubuntu 14.10 right now but I maybe switching it to  something like Kodiuntu idk yet. I'm not very rich so my upgrades will have to come in time. Just kind wondering what you guys thought as of now.


Also The hdd cage to me seems like it is some what under utilized. I was wondering if any one here had done a swap with that. I was thinking some kind of backplane with a fan in the front or even in the back. The slot for the cage looks like it is the standard opening for 3x5.25 drives. There are plenty of options I could go with for a 3x5.25 to 4x3.5 with a fan. If anyone has looked into this or has done it please let me know. From  a gamers background not having air move across your hdd is dangerous. 


Now for the million dollar question. Like I said earlier I don't have a bunch of money, if I did slapping in some enterprise class hard drives would be an option, but for me it's just not in the cards right now, and that might be a few years away. I am really looking into 3-4 different options and just wondering what you guys think. The first would be 4*ST4000DM000 (backblaze using these as thier bread and butter), the second being 2*ST8000AS0002 (archive drives but 90% of what i'll be doing it reading and at 180tb a year workload they don't scare me to much), the third being WDBLWE0160JCH-NESN and just removing the two drives (the external opens up and drives come out easy so if I have a warranty issue I can just put the drives back in), the last would be 3*HDWE150XZSTA (not a whole lot of experience with Toshiba but the specs look good.)


Don't laugh but my back up plan is going to be Backblaze for the next few years. $5 a month for unlimited back up. I'll get a NAS up and running after I get the money.


Wondering what your guys think, You all out there have been playing around with this stuff allot longer then I have. Any advice, theories, questions, comments, concerns would be much appreciated.


Thank you all and have a blissed day.

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Note that BackBlaze reports that HGST has their lowest failure rate.  Note that many models of Seagate are much higher on their list.  I bought HGST NAS drives for this reason.


You don't need enterprise drives, but NAS-class drives are a good idea.  I used WD Reds for a very long time, and they are still being used now, they were just migrated to a NAS I inherited that I use for backup.The HGST drives have the advantage of being 7200rpm so I get a little better performance, and they were the best price-per-GB of any NAS-class drives out there. at around $125 per-3TB drive  If you don't need quite that storage, drop to 2TB drives and save some money.  NAS-class drives usually have firmware tuned against vibration (one of the leading causes of drive failure in a server due to multiple drives


It is possible to do a swap with the ML10v2 but it could cost you some money.  There's a whole thread right in this sub-forum dedicated to it, right on the first page.  Kind of hard to miss.



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Thanks for the replay. I've seen that the HGST's have the lowest failure rate, be nice but with the amount of data I would like to have I don't I could afford those right now. Might save up have to kick around the idea. I feel like I'll need at least 12TB of usable space. I use to collect movies - I have about 1200 dvd and about 150 blu ray I would like to rip in a mkv formate to preserve a one to one copy. 


Not really interested in swapping out the cpu right now - mine came with the I3 4150. Nice processor - I feel for a media server it should do fine for a while. The swap I was speaking about was the hdd cage for something more like this http://www.logic-case.com/products/accessories/bay-converters/5-x-35-in-3-x-525-complete-with-120mm-front-fan-sc-056/- just wondering if anyone else has tried some like that before.


Thanks for reading

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