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SATA II vs SATA III difference


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I would like to get your opinions about connecting ST6000VN0001 Enterprise HDD into SATA 2 or SATA 3. Since the HDD cannot go beyond 300MB/s, would it make much difference to connect to SATA 3 port via P420 or P410 would be sufficient?


Comparison of this HDD vs others is here: http://www.storagereview.com/seagate_enterprise_nas_hdd_review


Also do you recommend any other alternative HDD comparing to this Seagate if you have experience?



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The reason to get a P420 wouldn't be in the upgrate to SATA3 (if you're using mechanical disks that is)...it would be in that it is supported within iLO4, which can see and monitor it.  This also means that if you configured it right, you could potentially have the iLO alert you by e-mail if a drive fails.  The P410 is not recognized by iLO4, though it will work fine in the system.


My personal preferences on hard disks either go to Western Digital Red, or HGST NAS drives.  The HGST drives will be 7200rpm, so better performance, and are considered highly reliable from the Backblaze reports (these aren't perfect, but they're a reasonable baseline).  I recently moved my Reds to a 4-bay NAS, and put four HGST NAS drives in my server; they have been running several months without incident, though of course that's anecdotal.


Should you ever wish to use one channel of the controller for SSDs as I am, the SATA3 becomes useful, so the P420 is also forward-looking in that way.

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