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​ HP Microserver gen 8 fan speed - all you need to know


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interesting behaviour on speed here:

i have upgraded my CPU to E3-1265v2 using stock cooling. normally everything is alright, altough fan speeds in general seem to be low, never going above 25%.

but today i did run memtest: after 10+ minutes memtest was showing that the cpu temp was 80 C. in ILO exhaust temp went above 50 C and even the CPU temp in ILO increased to 51 C (normally its stuck at 40 C, no matter the real temp reported by OS).

but my fan speed stayed at 15% !! so i have rather cancelled the memtest after 25% to avoid damaging my system (i assume CPU throttling would have kicked in, but still).


my low fan speeds seem to be exactly the opposite other users are compalining about, not sure what is wrong. my system is installed in the basement, but ambient temp is around 20 C

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Long time lurker, first time poster :)


I just recently got my hands on Microserver Gen8 and loaded it up with all the spares i had at home (xeon1230v2, 16gb, 4x2TB HDD + 500GB SSD).


And ofcourse none of my HDD-s are "HP" so fan was being an ass. Luckily good people of internet/reddit "hacked" ilo4_273 and gave us fan control, played with it and you can increase and decrease speed with some few SSH commands.


As soon as ILo would register "4-HD Max" sensor fan would ramp up to 50% but only if i had 5 drives installed, with 4 drives in any order it would be almost dead silent.



So to any1 who has fan issues - try this:




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