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Hi all, I recently moved house and decided that whilst decorating I would run data cables to each room. I've used Cat6 throughout the upstairs and have cabled back to a central location under the stairs.


Now I'm ready to terminate the cables I need a rack of some sorts. Has anyone built a custom rack or similar? I'm only planning on 6-8U but wanted some inspiration.


Many thanks


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I have utilised many racks from many vendors, and although they are all essentially the same, and although given our differences in geographical locations I am not going to recommend a specific brand, but I will state the following;


  • Do not go overly cheap I have done that in the past and this gave me issues as the racks were slightly out of spec on the mounting holes (for the cage nuts etc) and I had to take a file to them to fit in the mounting brackets.
  • I would also recommend getting a deep cabinet as I have seen way to many where I cannot get switching equipment in these days due to the fact that the switches are longer (especially the stupid Dell ones that have the uplinks on the rear of the device).
  • I have found having those with the cable management channels on either side of the cabinet have made my life much easier, and the installation much neater. Also get one larger than you think you will need, you will keep adding things and need the space.
  • Don't forget to bring a power socket into the cabinet are before installation if you are going to install active equipment, and if the cabinet has active equipment it should have a UPS, if it does not have support under it or sit on the floor the UPS will not be a good idea to put in the cabinet, so run a power point at the bottom close to where you want to put the UPS and then run ducting up to the cabinet so you can put power up to a rack mount power board.
  • Also as you have said you have had the cabling done, ensure that you maintain separation between the cable and the power to reduce EMI, where I am this is 10cm and crossing at 90degrees to a power cable I have seen and had to redo many cabinets where the power was not kept separated from the data lines.
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If you're after low cost then LackRack.

That looks like an interesting option. I just moved into a small apartment but I think if I start making the living room look like a data center I will get shot ;)

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Thanks for the conributions.


I'm only thinking of 12U to go under the stairs. I only need space for a switch, management panel, patch panel and space for the future. I'm thinking of custom building out of MDF with some rails from amazon.


If I go this route, I'll upload a few pictures.


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It you've deployed overseas you will recognize a mobile tactical server rack without the end covers.  It's not heavy at all and rolls for easy mobility.    The Juniper Firewall on top is not in use (playing around with an F5) currently nor is the HP DL385G6 on the bottom.  The top Norco case is the WHS2011 server running a 2nd Gen Core i3.  The bottom case is where all the magic happens.  Intel Xeon D-1541 SOC with 132 GB RAM for all the VM's (currently 10 running).  Oh yea, the rack was free as it pays to have friends who get rid of DoD surplus equipment.


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