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Only 1 of 2 connected USB3 HDDs detected


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Hello all, apologies for my first post to be a question instead of greeting:


I've recently bought a Gen 8 and I'm connecting two USB3 HDDs (a Maxtor and Western Digital, both USB3 drives) to the ports on the back.


These are known good drives as plumbed in to the USB ports they're detected, as they are on another device (my older N40).


I'm using driver version from the HP website.


The problem: when I plug in and turn on both drives, only one is detected. Which one is (semingly) random.


I have had all three discovered and visible in Windows Explorer (and disk manager) only when I unplug them and plug them back in again in the other port.


After ejecting and powering the drives back on, I'm back to only one being detected.


Has anyone else experienced this? Is there an updated driver I could be using? A setting I've missed in the BIOS?


Many thanks in advance,



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