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HDD Predictive Failure Bay3


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Just for the record I'm not an expert and I'm sorry if something sounds silly. 


- I bought an MS Gen8, upgraded the RAM to 16 GB and changed the processor with E3-1265L v2.

- I added an 240G SDD on ODD port.

- I added 4 x WD Caviar Green (2TB each) .. I had few laying around from an old NAS .. I installed them and all was good.

    - after few restarts I saw that HDD in Bay 3 has been detected as Imminent Failure

    - I was a bit surprised but I changed the drive (with a similar one), so all was good. 

    - few more days passed and few more restarts and again Bay 3 is predicted as Imminent Failure again.

    - that was very strange I looked on the forums, but no real cause identified

    -  I changed the drive again with another one (same model), all was good again.

    - few more days pass and today again same issue - Bay 3 imminent failure ... I have no more drives to swap, and for sure this can't be right. 


  • So how can I find out if there is an issue with Bay 3? 
  • Can I disable the SMART check ? I looked in BIOS and couldn't find how. 
  • How can I see if a drive have failed if SMART was disabled ?




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Thanks a lot for your reply. I didn't try yet.

I only have a laptop and I wasn't sure I can connect the SATA HDD via SATA-USB cable and be able to do a HDD diag. 

Do you know is this is possible or which software to use in this case ... 


Thanks again. 

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