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Windows Server 2012 Essentials R2, OS drive recovery


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Folks, before I mess this up too badly....


OS drive died, did not show in BIOS, nor is it recognized on an external interface on a different computer.


Installed brand new drive, which now shows in BIOS. So I think the hard failure is addressed.


I am/was using the server backup to create an image to another drive.


I booted to the Essential CD, and selected the correct stuff on the first scene, then I selected recovery options. It attempts to browse for the disk Image file, but "no image files were found". When I then browse for the driver, as prompted, I can browse and see to the image file (created last night) but can not find a driver file.


Do I, or can I, reinstall the OS on the new drive, then restore from the image, to get back to where I was, or is there a different path I should take to restore?





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How was the backup disk connected?

Via USB? And did you need to install drivers to get it the USB to work in the OS, initially? 



And worst case, you can install, and then try to restore (before running the setup wizard fo Essentials). 

(or you can open up the backup disk , and you'll find some VHDx files... you could mount those and then clone the C:\ drive over the to the new system disk manually)

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The OS drive is on SATA 0, the backup Drive is on SATA 1, the backup disk is recognized in BIOS, and I can browse it it my attempt to load drivers.

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