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Hey everyone, just received my HP Gen 8 and need a little help getting started. I am hoping it to use it for Nas to allow me to store photos, movies, security camera records and use plex, sickbeard, windows server.  Any help would be appreciated with the following questions.


1. I received a couple of HP SAS hard drives that someone no longer needed. Plugged it in and wasnt recognized.  Is it not supported? If I have to buy a controller, whats the minimum I would have to spend?

2. Read about problems with EXSI 6.  Should I install 5.5 instead?  Or is EXSI 6 fine as long as I use the .88 driver?

3. The setup I am going for will have EXSI and run vm for Xpenology, Win server 2012.  I read about setting the drives in SHR2 formation, but not sure if windows would be able to read the data? Should I just stick with NTFS and Raid 1?





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The controller in the Gen8 only supports SATA. You would need to add a SAS controller to use SAS drives.

ESXi6 is fine just back rev the driver.

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