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ESXi + Openmediavault or Windows Server 2012 R2


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Good morning,


right now my HP Gen8 (i3-3220, 16GB Ram, 4x 3TB, 1x 96SSD@ODD) is running Openmediavault. Because I will add a HW-Raid Controller soon I would like to rebuild my whole System.

I do have 2 possible ways:

Install EXSi with virtual machines or Switch to Windows Server 2012 R (either Essentials or Standard)

Not sure what I should choose. The Gen8 is used in a private network at home:


- file storage

- Plex Media Server (mySQL)

- surveillance center (2 IP cams)

- maybe a small private Homepage (only inside my network)

- openVPN Server

What will be "better"?

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A Windows Hypervisor, does give you the ability to Host VMs, and logon and use the Server as a "Desktop" or other services on bare metal.


ESXi you have to manage "remotely" using Web or vSphere client. e.g. you cannot login and use the desktop interactively, and all your services will need to be virtual VMs.


As for performance, both are good hypervisors.

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So it is more a personal preference? For the Standard Edition I have to buy a CAL license as well, so I would buy an Essentials license.

For my needs, would go for Windows Server 2012 R2 Essentials or use EXSi with Linux stuff?

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what are you requirements, do you want to install Windows OS, and then use file shares, Plex, SQL, OpenVPN Server, Camera Surveillance on the server, or do you want to split all those services up into virtual machines, do you have the budget to purchase Windows licenses, or use Linux Distros for free, ESXi is free, Windows 2012 licenses are not. Unless you use Hyper-V as the Hypervisors.


Do you want to use the Gen8 as a "workstation", or are you happy to administer remotely, and use to host VMs.


But if you use Windows on ESXi, you still need to purchase licenses.


I suppose to comes down, to what do you prefer Windows or Linux, where are your best skills.

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I think VMs are really nice because if you screw something up you can just reset the specific VM and the rest remains.
So I'll stick with Linux, have some experience with Debian but none with Windows Server. Thank you for support :)

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