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Cannot remote desktop to client


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Ok, I recently reinstalled Server 2012 R2 Essentials and reinstalled all my client connectors. After gradually ironing out all of the bugs in my new setup, I have only one left and it is driving me mad.


One of my clients, my main Windows 10 Pro laptop, cannot be accessed by remote desktop. Either through remote web access or locally through the dashboard. When I go to connect, I get the "cannot connect to computer" dialog as though the client was offline.


Here is what I have checked:

  • The client is online.
  • The client has a working ethernet connection.
  • I have disabled sleep and hibernate on the client.
  • The DNS settings on the client are pointed at my server.
  • The Windows Firewall on the client is configured to allow remote desktop. As a test, I turned Windows Firewall off on the client and I still couldn't connect.
  • I have ticked "Allow connections only from computers running Remote Desktop with Network Level Authentication" on the client.
  • I have included the domain user in the list of users permitted to connect to the client.
  • The client is otherwise connecting to the server normally. It is joined to the domain, client backup works fine, the server knows when it is online and offline, the server isn't giving me any warnings about the client.

As far as the server is concerned, remote desktop is otherwise working fine. I can remotely connect to every other client (mostly Windows 10 Pro machines) except this one. 


Does anyone have any ideas for what else could be causing this? 


I would post logs if I knew where the relevant logs were on the server and client. Can someone point me to the right logs for remote desktop?



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Are any of the computers involved using Windows 7?


Also, make sure the "Remote Desktop Gateway Service" is running on the server. 

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No, I have one WIndows 7 client on my network but it isn't affected.


The Remote Desktop Gateway service is running.

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