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WinMo 6.5 for $50/month


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So MetroPCS now has a WinMo 6.5 phone as an option on their no-contract $50/month. First smartphone that I've seen on the deal, (and I don't really count Blackberry). The phone is $200 now (again, no contract and thus no subsidized phone)

Pretty cool, if you ask me.

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I'm sure my technique for getting a cheap service plan is frowned upon but this is what I'm doing.


Start off with a "feature" phone and voice/data plan on a GSM netowrk. (ATT or T-Mobile)

I'm currently using ATT but this should work with T-Mobile as well.

Bite the bullet and buy an unlocked smart phone that works on your network.

Install the sim card from your old feature phone into your new smart phone.

You'll most likely have to enter some settings into the smart phone so just copy them from your old phone.


I've had a feature phone plan on my Nokia E71 for almost 2 years now and the savings I see in the monthly bill have paid for the phone.

With the E71 I can even tether to my laptop via usb or wifi.

I also have a 21% discount on service throught ATT from a job I had about 5 years ago.

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That's a good suggestion. I always wondered how tightly those type of things were controlled.


What I'd also like to be able to do is get a wifi-only smartphone that would use the cell network for voice calls buy would only access data via wifi. 90% of the time I'm in wifi range, so that'd fill my needs.

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the feature phone plan on an unlocked cell works until you use a device that att knows about. i used the same strategy for a few years but once i put my sim into a nexus one, they recognized the device based on the imei and automatically changed my plan to the standard smartphone plan. same thing happened when i started using an unlocked pre. as long as you stick to imports, you should be fine though.

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