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Suggestions to manage HDDs?


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Hi guys,


Between AHCI and b120i, I think I will use b120i and right now I am doing a backup of all my SHR RAID HDDs (ex-XPenology user). So my question is: Which one is the best RAID option/type? I discard RAID 0 because I don't want striping, I want mirroring so... with these HDDs:


3 x 5tb

1 x 8tb

1 x SSD as datastore in ESXi


What type of RAID suggest me?


Thanks a lot :-)


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If I must do RAID, I would configure the three 5TB disks as RAID5 (yields 10TB, usable) and use the 8TB as a different volume to 'mirror' or backup a portion of the 10TB data (Robocopy, etc.). You do not want to mix archival/shingled drives with traditional drives in the same array.


Personally, I'd setup disk pooling such as Drive Pool or Drive Bender to maximize the capacity on these drives (23TB) and just setup folder duplication of critical data for redundancy. Though, the 8TB archival disk is a wildcard, as I don't know how it will perform together with the other 5TB disks. Then again, since they're not in a RAID array (wherein, timing is critical), they should technically work together.

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If I must do RAID, I would configure the three 5TB disks as RAID5

pEEps is using ESXi and the B120i controller so no RAID5 support. A hardware RAID controller like a Smart Array P222 needs to be installed for RAID5.


As noted elsewhere in this forum, if you do want to use the B120i controller then make sure you downgrade the hpvsa ESXi driver to v88 or performance will be awful. If you switch the B120i controller into AHCI mode then I'd expect issues as I've gotten problems with SATA port resets and hangs with the B120i controller in AHCI mode with ESXi.

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Nah, I won't add a new RAID controller so I can't use RAID5 >_<. Then I should choose RAID1, right? Just in case I make a RAID with 3 x 5tb and use 8tb as a mirror.


How works DrivePool/Drive Bender exactly? It's not like RAID0?

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I am thinking on buy another 5tb and make a RAID10. Will it be possible with b120i controller? Also, can I add new disks to this type of RAID?


I think the best solution should be RAID5 but P222 is sooo expensive. Maybe exists another method to make RAID5 (software)? 


Thanks all!


Edit: What do you think about make a RAID5 from OMV GUI, for example?

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