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Drive temperatures


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I see this server only has 1 small exhaust fan, so how are drive temperatures with such little airflow?


I'm looking at the gen8 microserver vs this t20 and it seems better value and quieter from what I've read, but not having any fans near the HDDs seems unusual.

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Depends on the drives.  5TB Reds and 8TB Archives don't get more than 38C (26C ambient today in the server room).  Faster drives like a 5TB Toshiba MC04 or 4TB WD RE will run towards 45C which is a bit too warm for my liking.


Stick with 5400rpm NAS drives and you're fine.

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If it makes you feel any better, my average ambient temp is 35°C. I have 6x WD Red drives with internal temperatures ranging from 43-47°C. All are running 24x7 and the oldest drives are about 1,200+ days old... still in perfect health.


So if your ambient temp is lower than 35°C, I'm sure you'll be fine.

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I too am considering this server.


I currently have a Toshiba 2TB drive fitted in my HP G7.




I am planning on running another 3 2TB plus drives over time.


I live in the UK, usually quite cool temps, but sometimes can get over 35 degree ambient in the summer.



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