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Gen8 SAS Cable


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I believe my Gen8 SAS Cable has bit the dust, I have tried looking online but have been unable to source one.   Anyone have any leads on one. 


This started when I came home last Wednesday and had 3 of the 4 drives in the 3.5 bays showing red (these were 2 3tb mirrors)  after a shutdown power plug pull and boot everything came back online with only 1 drive needing a rebuild.   Next morning/day similar issue again.   At first though it was the P222 but then it happened when I reverted to just the boot ssd mirror pluged in and the 1 3tb data mirror.  Plugged everything into the startech 8087 breakout cable and it has been rock solid.  over the weekend was able to install the sas cable from the dead gen7 nl40 and it works just the bays are reversed due to position and the cable is routed by the case fan due to length.   So far have been on the new cable for 24 hours and all 9 drives still show green.  so now would like to replace the SAS cable.

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