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HP ML10 v2 + RAID 1 + 3TB REDs +Win7


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Hi there,


I have a problem to configure set as in the topic:

I can create 3TB RAID 1 based on the B120i controller but I cannot boot Win7 using GPT boot  :^(

GPT is needed to recongnise all drive capacity.
HP ML10 v2 does not have UEFI (?)


ANy chance to solve this puzzle ?


Thanks in advance



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The ML10v2 does not have a UEFI BIOS.

I find it is best to have your OS and data on separate drives. Do you have a small SSD or drive you could use for the OS? If not you could partition the big drive into usable chunks, but I would not recommend it.

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Schoondoggy has a good point.  I would purchase a small SSD for your boot OS.  I'm using a RAID set of SSDs for my boot, and my mechanical drives are a large GPT partition.

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