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ESXi 6, Windows Server 2012 VM freezing, unresponsive.


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I'm running Windows Server 2012 (not R2, don't have a license for it.) on my Gen 8 under VMWare ESXi 6.0.0 U2 with the HPE install. Ran fine on 5.5 U2. But my VMs are now upgraded to Hardware Version 11 meaning I can't roll back to 5.5.


The VM will freeze a minute or so into the startup process, and the option to power off the VM is greyed out. Essentially, the entire VM is unresponsive to anything including all the CLI force shutdown procedures I've seen on the 'net. Even shutdown of ESXi - I have to physically power off the server, ESXi will hang past the 'force reboot' (I've let it run for 24 hours like that just to confirm.)


I'm also running Sophos XG Firewall on another VM, and it's running fine. So it's something to do with ESXi I think.


Is anyone able to help me out with this? Let me know what other info you'd need. I'm not really looking forward to reinstalling! :(


But on that note, would any recommend running Sophos XG in Hyper-V under WS2012? 

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