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Server 2012R2 With Essential Role WIN 10 Client Connector Fail


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Good Afternoon,


trying to figure what is going on with a new install of windows 10 pro.


I have server2012r2 up and running for some time with a windows 7 machine and a windows 10 laptop. Long story short i upgraded the SSD on the win7 machine and put on a fresh install of win10. that all works fine but the problem i run in to is trying to connect the new win10 client to the server.


I first tried using the connector via \\myservername/connect and that would fail, then i remembered on my win10 laptop i used the windows server essentials connector that was already listed in the installed programs. So i tired that and got the same problem.


The connector finds my server and lets me put in details of a login (the same as i used for the win7 machine) but i then press enter and the connector hangs for a good few minutes before telling me it cant connect to the server. I have tried other logins details but the same thing happens. Also i tired putting in incorrect details and of course it would tell me that are incorrect- so i take this as it is talking to the server.


Does anyone have any thoughts?


Cheers Pete.

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I have done this twice now, one time it sufficed to set the ipv4 dns server to the ip of the essentials box,

the second time I also had to disable IPV6 :( I guess I could have added the ipv6 address of the server to the ipv6 settings but it was much faster just to temporarily turn off ipv6

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I've had this issue constantly. I don't seem to have it on Windows 7 or 8.1 clients. I can only assume the Win 10 connector is not adjusting the DNS settings as it should. At least it is easily fixed once you know what the bug is.

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