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Hi guys!

I almost finish to set up my new G8 and I was wondering how you doing your host monitoring.


Today I have an ESXi 6.0U2 installed on a SD-CARD and I don't know how to monitor my hard drive status for example.


How do you do that?




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as no-one has responded and you sit here lonely, I'll chip in, using the vSphere Client (C#), if you select the Server > Configuration > Health Status (that gives basic information)


otherwise you will need to install the ACU on the host. 


also when using ESXi on this HP server, you would be well advised to use the HP OEM version from HP.


Downloads are here




Also have a look at the ESXi notes in this forum, about performance

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Thank you for your answers :)


I do use the HP custom image. 


I will try to have a look on Zabbix, and try to give you a feedback!


Thank you all!

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my ESXi is also HP custom image and on top of it VM with Zabbix server running.

Feel free to ask, I'm running more Zabbix servers for more then 6 years ;-)


Good luck ;-)

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