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Farewell Home Server v1 (the obit)


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Windows Home Server oh you served me and my family so well.  You were nicely fitted with an Intel motherboard and brand new Q6600.  You sat in one spot since 2007.  For nearly 10 years you've served my family movies streamed over the network.  Collected client computer backups until that feature of you died last year.  You sat there and functioned as my DDNS server until that feature died.  You previously served as a VPN server.  And as an FTP server.  Through various upgrades and drive failures, you were finally fitted with 6 1.5TB drives still running the original 250GB drive. 


You've probably sucked down hundreds in electrical costs and never once did I think about it.


You've been so wonderful until the other day when I couldn't see you on the network.  After connecting you to a monitor and with your message of "NTLDR is missing" I must finally put you to sleep.  I've pulled the drives you once had to make sure everything is sync'd but alas I must let you go.


Your operating system may not live on, but you'll be donated to the company and you can live life in other forms.

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And what is replacing it?


Sadly, it's replaced with many.  But, our storage needs and use needs have changed over a decade too.  As it has for everything.  Boring client backups are done by Server 2012 R2 with Ess.  All the other stuff; as I need to keep client stuff separate from personal stuff is replaced mostly with some high powered Xeon servers.  And as I travel much more than I did then, I added failover clustering. 


If they ever make spinning rust reliable or SSDs cheap enough, I may eventually get a vacation.

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