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I've setup a Patreon for this forum and the other sites that I maintain.  Want to know more?  Go check it out!   https://www.patreon.com/davidmccabe


If you feel this place is of value to you please joing Patreon with us and lets take it to the next level.  I've setup a lot of stuff in there for you and I get to communicate privately to patrons via the app.  This is going to be fun.  I've already started actually.  Go see.





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This forum now has a Slack channel for Patreon subscribers!  


If you want in on these private and awesome conversations head over the Patreon and show your support.  So far it has been a blast.

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On ‎1‎/‎3‎/‎2018 at 12:52 PM, Ikon-TNG said:

Hmmm. guess I don't know how to access the Slack channel. I went to https://www.patreon.com/davidmccabe, but most of the posts say "Post for patrons only".


If you are a donating member to reset you can join slack which is kind of like facebook, yammer, etc for the enterprise but people are using it for a lot of use cases. Look at the posts in September and you should find the information you need.

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I've probably confused things. I can log into Patreon OK, and see the posts. My original query was about the Slack channel, which I can't see (as far as I can tell). I tried clicking on a link in the Patreon posts, but it led to a page that says the invite is expired.


Look, at this point I feel I'm being a pest, and I don't want to bug you guys any more, so let's just drop it. Thanks for all your help.

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