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From my other thread at http://homeservershow.com/forums/index.php?/topic/11406-om2p-hs-rangespeed-better-than-a-netgear-ac1450/#entry119274, OM support mentioned that the MR1750 only gets between 100-125Mbps right now and they are looking at ways in the 6.2 firmware to "disable some features to increase performance".  So, for any power users out there that use those features, I don't think you'll see much in increased speeds.

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NNNM - I had the same experience and was never able to solve the problem (I decided not to wait for new OM firmware). Instead I have installed the UniFi AC Pro. I get speeds that are similar to direct

You can setup a small ramdisk to eliminate any disk performance issues during LAN testing. http://memory.dataram.com/products-and-services/software/ramdisk

FWIW in my house, am currently running 3 MR1750 units at 23 dBm (200 mW) and the coverage indoor and outdoor has been impressive. Also enabled 802.11r but can't quite notice whether it helps. Have dis




I have 2 MR1750's both with ethernet backhaul in a mesh.  Was using an RT-N66U in bridge mode.  Laptop (Surface Pro 3) connected via wifi and desktop connected via ethernet to my LAN.  Testing done with" LAN Speed Test" connecting to my media drive on a Windows Server 2012R2E. LAN is via a 24 port managed switch. Should mention I have 2 connections from server to switch which are teamed and would do the same from desktop to switch if MS would allow (it was working in some of the Redstone releases).


Average Results over 5 test runs with default setting which is Packet Size 1,000,000 bytes and 10 packets.


Desktop Upload 330Mbps & Download 410Mbps


Laptop   Upload 50Mbps  & Download 120Mbps


This is acceptable to me but definitely slower than the Asus RT-N66U .  However the coverage is better and I have that great Cloudtrax interface and all its settings and reports.


I also used speed test to the internet and results are identical on each device 95/38 which is what I am paying my ISP - 100/40 service.  The joke is that we now have fibre and before we had DOCSIS 3.0 on cable and the speed has slowed from 120 to the 95 when we were told fibre was the way of the future.

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Been testing 1 single unit from O-M the last few days and been going back and forth with their support. This was the most recent update I got from them when they said speed would be improving in 6.2: 


The 6.2 firmware is close to release but we are still in the process of testing it or quality assurance. We expect to have this new firmware released in the early fall, but we do not have an exact date for the firmware release.

We have only initial testing and it shows that the OM5P-AC could see speeds at least double what they are now, maybe faster. However, we may see faster speeds, however until we have a final firmware version I will not have exact numbers.

The speeds you are currently seeing are exactly what I would expect to see for these access points.


I'm currently seeing no better than about 100/95, but I'm not getting my hopes up that the 6.2 update won't cripple other features. Also not getting my hopes up too much that the upgrade comes out anytime soon. "Early fall" could mean in the next couple weeks, but I'm not thinking any earlier than October. By then I have a feeling my O-M AP's will be getting returned. 


Have a UAP-AC-Pro, Cloud Key, and Unifi 8 Port switch with PoE+ being delivered tomorrow. If I see much better performance with that setup, completely going that route instead. 

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Just a quick update: I was able to get the 6.2 beta (the new AC firmware) installed on one of my networks. After disabling layer 7 DPI, which states will increase speed of the network, I'm seeing no real updates in speed. In fact, I'm actually seeing slower speeds in many cases. I'm never able to get over about 65 mbps. 


i don't mean this in a rhetorical or demonstrative way, but those who have been such huge advocates for Open Mesh on the forums here, why so much love? Why so much recommendation for it when it's quite slow and has poor performance? 

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How did you manage to get the 6.2 beta f/w?


Personally I've had a positive experience with not only the reliability of their MR1750 units and coverage over previous consumer routers (ASUS) but their tech support is second to none. The speeds I've been have been acceptable for my home environment.

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How did you manage to get the 6.2 beta f/w?


They had a bit of a marketing snafu and because they put out some false info and that I'm reviewing both them and Unifi APs for my home environment, he was able to push it down to me. 


The coverage isn't necessarily the issue, that has been great. Altho the handoff between the 2 is iffy. However, I did see that 802.11r has been unveiled as an option in 6.2, don't know how well it's actually working. Similar to band-steering, it's labeled as a "Public Beta" aka field test, option.


Yeah the lack of speed is killing me. I just don't understand why it's sooooo slow. If I didn't need quicker than that within my home, that be fine, but if I want to transfer 40-50Gb files easily, I want the quick LAN speed, plus I have 300/100 internet, and I really don't want the hardware to be the bottleneck, especially when I'm in the same room. 

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Getting 6.2 beta now. Will post back on experience to OM support and here.

Sounds good. Keep me posted. Definitely interested if your experience is better than mine. 


If you get a chance, would you mind doing a LAN speed test as well if you can. Just interested to see if you get drastically better performance

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After installing 6.2 private beta on each of my MR1750 units, I've noticed the throughput has noticeably decreased regardless of whether I enable/disable band steering, 801.11r or Layer 7 DPi.  Will report this to OM Support in the interest of improving the 6.2 public beta release.  Not only do they listen to the input of their users, they react - FAST.  Am hopeful this won't be an exception.

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