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Using p430 Raid controller Micro server


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i have recently bought a Microserver Gen8 and i want to use my spare raid card from a dl580 server, (p430), but the problem is ere 

the microserver uses a mini sas cable and p 430 uses a sas cable, i couldnt figure out which cable should i order, or if the cable type like below exists for normal sas cable.

is there anyone uses p430 as a raid controller? the microserver successfully recognized the p430 raid card, but as i dont have any cable to connect i couldnt use it.

i belive if i would be able to use the raid card proparly i can use SAS disks.


Part Number : 724493-001 Part Description :   Backplane Cable Kit - Non Hot Plug (NHP), MicroServer Gen8 G1610T 724493-001.jpg




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The only cable I have found for the P430 is:

HP Internal SAS 68-pin SFF-8087 2x36-pin SFF-8087 Left Exit Cable

You would also need a 36 pin SFF-8087 female to SFF-8087 female adapter to connect one of the SFF-8087 from the P430 to the SFF-8087 from the backplane in the MicroServer. This would be a lot of cables to hide in a MicroServer.

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SFF-8087 is defined as having 4 lanes so the 8 lane variant on the P430 isn't standard. That is why it is so hard to find a compatible cable. It looks like you'll have to do what Schoondoggy linked and kludge together the HP specific cable + adapters.

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