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Proud new owner of the HTC Incredible


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Hey All,


I bit the bullet and picked up a used HTC Incredible. After using the wife's HTC Desire the Incredible is more my speed. They are almost identical except the Inc. has soft home, menu, and back buttons where the Desire has more of a hard click button.


I'm on a month to month contract while waiting for the Win7 and the possible iPhone for Verizon. Who knows what the future will bring though, I really like this Android stuff.


I reset it to factory at the Verizon store and little did I know that on the drive home it was downloading Froyo 2.2 and when I pulled in the drive it asked if I was ready to install it. How cool is that?


I have yet to really jump into the phone. I want to sort out my gmail and contacts situation so that will be the first thing I do. Figure out how to get my Outlook contacts into the phone. Then I'm off and running!


Now, all you Droid heads, what are the best apps? Let me know what you like and dislike. I'm a huge app hound especially on the iPad so I'm anxious to get into the apps.


I'll be looking to do some basic stuff in the house. Transfer photos and video, maybe see files on the WHS?


I'm geeked. It's going to be a fun long weekend!



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Sweet!!!! Same phone as me. How did you find a used one? People have been waiting for new ones and they have been on backorder.


Just an FYI. The HTC Sense twitter app on the phone quit working when Twitter forced everyone to go to the OAuth authentication. I believe you can download a different one from the app store, but the one on the phone already doesn't work right now.


A few apps that I am using:


JuicePlotter (helps you see where you battery is being used)

JuiceDefender (helps you get more battery life)

Dropbox (easy to transfer files)

Google Listen (allows you to get the podcasts)

Mixzing (music player)

Timeriffic (allows to you create schedules to alter the volume on your ringtones, notifications, etc). Good for muting your phone at night.

Handcent SMS (I am trying this out, but not totally sold on it. Others highly recommend it, though)

Buzzbox (news feeds from many sources in one app)

Barcode Scanner (if you read any of the Android forums, they will post the barcodes that you can scan with this app and it will take you App Store for that program)


Hope that helps!


edit - I see the Froyo download added Skype, Flashlight, Amazon MP3, 3G Mobile Hotspot, AppSharing.

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Awesome. I will start taking a look at some of those.


How are you liking froyo compared to 2.1? I'm excited to get out and test the capabilities of 720p video. I'll certainly need a Twitter app though.


I have been trolling craigslist for weeks. I was going to go with a pre, then I talked myself into a droid, but for just a tad more I could step up to the incredible which I feel will resell better in case I move on. They are going for $380-$450 on craigslist and bay. I got mine for much lower. I guess it takes perseverance and catching a seller at a weak point. Phone is flawless with only a single mark on the side of it. Came with a case too!


I need to learn android now!

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I can't comment much on Froyo...it just loaded on my phone this morning!


Let me know what apps you try and what you think. I have been trolling some forums looking for recommendations and trying stuff out.


One thing I have noticed. If you put too many apps on that are constantly updating data, the phone can become a little sluggish when you first starting using it (turning on the display). One suggestion I saw recommended using fewer widgets on your home screens as these tend to make the interface sluggish if you get too many.

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I found a NFL mobile app from verizon. That's kinda cool. Skype mobile too.


About to try the Twitter app.


The verizon data usage app is freaking cool. How handy is that. Tells you how many txts sent, etc.


I'm a kid in a candy store, again. Please ignore me if you have heard this all before!

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nice! i didn't realize that froyo was out for the incredible already. you being the woot fan you are, i have to suggest wootwatcher. you'll also get a kick out of gmote as it would be perfect for your tivo center. wordfued if you're a fan of words with friends on iOS (my user name is JoseROrtiz btw, on both) and the angry birds beta came out today which is a fun way to kill some time. i'm trying out multicon right now, nice way to fit more shortcuts on the screen. hope this gets you going!

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I love the Droid X, but to be honest the Incredible is easier to hold. I am in the same boat. Using a Samsung Omnia with

the Spb Mobile Shell skin which makes it much easier to use than the horrible TouchWiz interface. Waiting myself for either

WP7 or maybe a Droid X, as 3 of my coworkers have recently gone with the X. Funny, I used to want the iPhone so badly, now

I wish Android had the apps I have to have. I have to realize that it will be quite a while before WP7 gets them. The less

desirable option is to get WP7 and use an iPod touch for work apps, but really don't want the second device option.

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I'm happy to report that my main drive was 100% successful with Verizon on voice and 3G data. 3G in the house is slow and voice is shaky but never drops. I couldn't be happier at the moment. I'm porting over my old USCC number right away! I just wish I would have done this earlier and got a family plan for all the phones in the house. I also might experiment with their 3G network extender or look at getting a signal booster for my basement. Happy camper on big red!

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Glad to hear your drive was successful. When I drive between the IL/WI border and Madison I can use voice but the 3G falls back to 1x for a good portion of the drive.


I think the 3G network extender will use your broadband connection. Is that your understanding, too?


I might lean towards the signal booster first if that seems feasible (of course it probably means adding an antenna on your roof).

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Yes, I think it would be worth trying the external antenna although the extender is only $150 after rebate.


I just ported my number over. I hope it goes ok. I picked up my old handset and took the forward off and for grins I tried to check voicemail and I think when I called my own number it went to my verizon voicemail. Reason I say that is I havnt initialized the box yet. Interesting. I hope it only takes a few hours like they say best case scenario can be.

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