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MS Gen8, CentOS, BTRFS and NFS, BluRay


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@Gordan: Can I ask why you think ZFS is better? I'm asking purely from curiosity and trying to learn as much as I can and also because I've seen that there is a divide about BTRFS and ZFS, but somehow the information I read, I was swayed to the BTRFS camp.


It is difficult to give a meaningful answer in a sentence, but if I have, to: ZFS is better because it is more mature, more stable, more reliable and has more and better features. For details you'll have to go read up on the differences. Personally, I don't think BTRFS is yet fit for purpose.

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@Gordan: I really appreciate your feedback, I know each person has their own preference, but it's still god to hear it. I'll have a further read into ZFS.


@GotNoTime: i missed your post about XPEnology. I didn't know that, I thought it was a proper open source version of Synology, similar to what CentOS is to RHEL. If that is indeed the case I'll stick with the decision to use CentOS.

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this is a good starting point for ZFS, which explains the use of memory, cache, JBOD controllers, if you are not familiar with ZFS, and all the terms.




here is a ZFS tutorial




We actually use, two mirrored drives, for the OS, and then we use SSDs (mirrored) for ZIL, and two SSDs for L2Arc cache, and a server with a lot of memory, e.g. 32GB.


we then build two mirrors using two disks in each mirror, for the pool.


pool: test
 state: ONLINE
  scan: none requested
NAME                       STATE     READ WRITE CKSUM     
test                       ONLINE       0     0     0
 mirror-0                 ONLINE       0     0     0
   c0t50013     ONLINE       0     0     0     
   c0t50014     ONLINE       0     0     0     
 mirror-1                 ONLINE       0     0     0
   c0t50015     ONLINE       0     0     0     
   c0t50016     ONLINE       0     0     0     
 mirror-2                 ONLINE       0     0     0
   c7t0d0                 ONLINE       0     0     0     
   c7t1d0                 ONLINE       0     0     0     
 c7t2d0                   ONLINE       0     0     0     
 c7t3d0                   ONLINE       0     0     0     
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Fisrt of all, XPnology is a CRACKED prioritary system... It's mean you can't trust such system.


Reading the tittle of this thread, I think Rockstor Linux ( www.rockstor.com ) is for you.

It's a CentOS based Linux, embedding BTRFS. It reallt sweet on MS Gen 8

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@einsteinagogo: Thanks for the guides and info. Hm your setup sounds like light years ahead of mine. :)


@Jim: Great, I had a look at the Rockstor, looks promising. Am I right presuming as it is based on CentOS, that there should be no issues with the P120i RAID card - as long as you're using the right driver?

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@Jim: I just noticed in the documentation that Rockstor only provides software RAID. I'm a bit vary of what I read about enabling AHCI and the fan speeds and mostly noise that comes with it. :/

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@einsteinagogo: I read about XPEnology, and if I understand correctly it is based on Synology OS. I don't know much about it though, just as I was reading around people were talking more about the Ubuntu Server LTS and CentOS and especially how "easy" it is to add functionalities, etc. That's why I kind of focused more on those two. Do you by any chance have any good guide or info on how to set up XPEnology? Thanks.


@Gordan: correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't RAID10 meant to be based on 4 HDDs? I currently only have 2. I might get a third one free (1.5TB WD Green) once I do the backup, and which I was thinking of using that as a single HDD for media server.


I've been doing this a few years now, I'm an old fart! it was a shame Oracle killed Sun Sparc!!!!

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