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Gen8 Weird MicroSD fault! (ish!)


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We have a couple of new ProLiant Microserver Gen8, installed with ESXi, both in test so not connected to UPS at present.


These are test and dev boxes for testing new versions of ESXi.


But today, we found we had a weird hardware issue, we suffered a power outage, and when the Gen8 powered back-up, they did not boot from the SanDisk 16GB MicroSD cards ESXi was installed to.


iLo stated the MicroSD cards were not present.


We removed powered from both units, and re-applied power, still would not boot of recognise the presence of a MicroSD, e.g. did not boot, not present as stated by iLo.


Removed the MicroSD cards and confirmed ESXi was installed still on both.


Re-Inserted both cards, applied powered and they re-appeared.....


Very odd, it was if, the Power Outage, had virtual removed the MicroSD cards!


Just wanted to share, if you have something similiar, just remove, and re-insert the MicroSD card!

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