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Max Hard Disk Size?


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Hello all,


Planning on upgrading from my trusty Microserver N36L I've had for 5 years to the T20 (Xeon version) which I took delivery of last week. My N36L has 4 2TB drives in it. Ideally I'd like to buy 2 6TB drives for the T20 along with an SSD. Is it capable of this? I've seen that people are running 4TB drives at least. If the motherboard doesn't support disks that size, would I be able to just stick a cheap SATA PCI-E card in and use that to fulfill my needs instead? I'm not interested in RAID, I just want two drives which I can use with Windows 10's storage spaces, similar to what I have on my Microserver with WHS v1.


Thanks! :)

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Two 8TB drives running just fine in my T20.


Dell were a bit...cheap...with the SATA ports in the T20.  They advertise the T20 as taking 6 drives, yet only 4 SATA ports on the board.  Would it have killed them to put the other two on there, considering they're in the chipset anyway?

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