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Keyboard suggestions? {not that kind}


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Any musicians in the house? Keyboardists, in particular? I've owned professional music keyboards in the past - synths, organs, pianos. These days, I have a cheap 73-key Casio keyboard that is better than nothing, but nothing I can use for live performance and I want to get back into that. Been a long time since I've bought a pro keyboard, so I'm not really up on what's what. That where you guys come in. I want something with good piano sound and I think I'd like it to have piano key action, if the action is really good, but I also want something that has organ sounds and it would be great if it could come close to my old Korg CX-3 organ running through a Leslie amp. (I kick myself for letting both of those go...) Anyway, I'd really like to find something with piano, e. piano, organ, strings, brass, and maybe some other synth sounds all in one keyboard and it's definitely got to have at least 73 keys. I suppose I could do a sound module along with something like a Privia, but I'd prefer to keep the whole setup as simple as possible. I've done the multi-keyboard on an A-frame setup and I think the thrill is gone. 1 keyboard, 1 stage monitor, and 1 set of in-ear monitors should do it. Any thoughts? 

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