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Acronis True Image 2016 for 3 computers at Fry's $9.99 after Rebate


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Only $9.99 = $64.99 - $10 OFF Coupon(just need sign Fry's Email Newsletter) - $45 Mail in Rebate (Expires:5/7/2016) with FREE S&H + Tax
  • - My old deal post (3/18/2016) which was $24.99 for same product.
  • - You need Monday 05.02.16 Promo Code for $10 OFF discount to make this deal down to $9.99
  • - Purchase need to be done by 5/7/2016
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    • ShadowPeo
      By ShadowPeo
      Browsing around my Synology App store yesterday and what did I notice, but they now have Acronis integrated directly and officially supported, not even 1000 downloads on this thing yet. I do not use Acronis personally, But the integration gives me the thought to try it out, especially for mobile devices.

      The other one that got my attention was Eynio (https://eynio.com) server which does home automation and tablet control panels utilising web apps. I have not successfully got this working yet *its installed and running at least officially, but I cannot connect to the web interface for some reason. It integrates with a bunch of Home Automation stuff (https://eynio.com/wp/devices/) and it looks like exactly what I have been wanting for a while, now if I can just get into it and make it work

    • miker
      By miker
      I've just installed my first Synology NAS, a Ds416play, after many years of running Windows Home Server (RIP).  I now must face developing a backup strategy for several PC clients which I hope to backup to the Synology NAS.  I'm considering the three alternatives, including:
      1) The client backup solution provided by Synology, Cloud Station Backup, or
      2) The client backup solution provided by MS, namely File History, or
      3) The generally popular Acronis solution, True Image 2016.
      I do understand that the first two are file level backup strategies while the third is a disk level tool, but I wonder what other advantages or disadvantages have been noted by others here on the forum
      Thanks, guys, for helping a newbe to the Synology world.  Best...  miker
    • dvn
      By dvn
      My daughter's OS drive died G.SKILL Phoenix Pro Series FM-25S2S-120GBP2 2.5" 120GB SATA II MLC Internal Solid State Drive (SSD). I hooked it up to a couple different PC's (with different chipsets) to verify that it did not appear in BIOS. It didn't. I officially pronounced it dead at 4:02 PM EST.
      Thought it might be interesting to see how G.Skill handles this. The SSD was purchased from Newegg on 10/26/10, so it's a year and a half old, well within its 3 year warranty.
      I received RMA approval from G.Skill today. I'll send it off tomorrow and wait. Newegg still sells them, so I'll likely receive the same model, assuming G.Skill determines the drive is faulty. Funny thing is, I had just checked the health status on that SSD not a week before it died. It was at 100% with no errors of any kind. Kind of gave me pause to see first-hand how SSD's can do a 'now it's here, now it's not' act. I've heard others talk about it but I've never been bitten til now.
      I have to mention that the computer was being backed up by good ol' WHS v1. And the last backup was from the night before the SSD died. So that's great, right? Not exactly. I was unable to get v1 to initiate a PC restore. I tried all the tricks I could think of, but no-go. That's ok, though, because I had an Acronis backup stored back home on my WHS which I had made last spring. That saved me a nice chunk of time. So I reconnected the PC to her network, reinstalled the Connector software, opened her last PC backup, and pulled files (primarily photos) back to the computer. She was quite relieved by that. And it was reasonably quick. Of course, she'll have to reinstall a couple of programs, but she's OK with that.
      As a +1 to Symantec, I was able to redownload a copy of Norton AV 2012 recently purchased from Amazon ($14.50) and get it installed and reactivated. The sale is still on if anyone's interested. Just saying.
      As a side note: I was talking with Jim Collison today and he mentioned that using OpenDNS as a router's DNS server can (I believe he actually said 'will') interfere with establishing connection between v1 and client PC during the PC Restore process. Good to know. I'll check that out next time I visit my daughter.
    • pcdoc
      By pcdoc
      I noticed that Acronis true image 2012 is on special for $49 and includes the power pack which allows you to backup "larger than 2T" (GPT) regardless of the OS. It also supports backing up across the network and has built in synchronization and cloning. Have been a fan for years and I just installed it on my WHS. It installs and runs with no issues so far. Just another option for the tool box.
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