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Ubiquiti customer service - my experience


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I know of your frustrations with Ubiquiti and your love of OpenMesh --which, if you want to start (or continue) an existing thread to extoll, I'm totally good with.  I really don't want this thread to derail from what it originally started as (though it kind of already has); a customer service experience with a company I actually worked with.  I'm also not going into which VARs for anyone's product are good or not.  And if OpenMesh works great for you, I'm happy; as I said, I don't use their product, but I do use the access point hardware at work (as that hardware is used by multiple vendors) and am happy with the hardware.


What I was trying to do was tell a poster who responded that a "this is lousy" without a why is really no comment at all.  Just as a "I love this" means nothing to me on Amazon.com because it explains nothing.  It's the equivalent of a junk post, just like a review on Amazon with the same sentence.


Note that Ubiquiti of 2012 and Ubiquiti of 2016 have a vastly different product line.  Most users I know of using the UAP-PRO line though are quite happy at least with the 802.11N performance currently offered, so I'm sorry to hear of your experience.

I am sorry I am not trying to derail your thread, My post was in response to your asking what you don't like about the product. Sometimes these threads get derailed in a different direction but please know I was not trying to steal the spotlight. I do agree with you about the "I love this" or "I hate this" comment without an explanation is pretty useless. I am also glad you had a happy ending with your trouble and it was great they sent you the cloudkey for free. Thanks for sharing your story.


Have a great day...

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Cisco -- Other than the Meraki division, I've read of too many disappointments with actual Cisco-labeled wireless products of recent generations.  They do good switches and other products, but they wouldn't be on my list at all for wireless, and their Small Business AC access point has been rated a dismal failure.

I've had pretty good experiences with their enterprise level APs like the 2700 and 3700. You do need that expensive WLC though to run them properly however. The autonomous mode isn't really that great and if you're going to run it standalone then you should just buy something from somebody else for 1/2 the price.


Ruckus has some great stuff in the business line, but their XClaim line (for small business and such), while it uses similar Ruckus hardware, has been fraught with software development that hasn't been up to par, also from everything I've read in their forums, which have a number of people feeling like they're part of a paid beta test.

Ruckus recently introduced an offering inbetween the XClaim line and the full ZoneFlex line called Unleashed. The hardware is the same but they've made it so that you get the vast majority of the ZoneDirector features but it is built into one of the APs. It allows for full redundancy also. If the master fails then the standby will take over and it will automatically elect another AP in the setup to be the new standby.


Unleashed basically saves you the cost of 2 ZoneDirectors + licenses so it is still quite a bit higher than the cheap XClaim line. The Unleashed APs are the same ZoneFlex APs but with a different firmware image. You're allowed to swap between them freely unlike the XClaim ones which are locked to XClaim firmware only for obvious reasons.


Meraki is subscription-based, which kills it for me, even if the product is good.

Yes. I received a free low end Meraki AP from them for attending an online presentation. The management UI is very fancy and feature filled. The subscription however kills it for me when you can get something just as easy to use from Ubiquiti for free *shrug* Ubiquiti are pushing hard into the Meraki territory by unifying all the various network equipment pieces into one big overall dashboard.


Ubiquiti isn't perfect (read their forums for issues), but their forums are filled with active employees who wish to solve problems and are empowered to do so.  Plus, there are other users equally willing to contribute, and software development is quite active.

As always, the big boys i.e. Cisco etc... are great for support so long as you've paid your fat support contract fees. I've had problems with other Cisco equipment and had a special build of the firmware to fix my specific problem from TAC within a day. Edited by GotNoTime
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The Ubiquiti brand is not so big in my country (I have to order from Amazon US), but I feel that their price points are right smack where the high-end but less-capable, consumer-grade APs are positioned (ie. Asus, D-Link, etc.) I've always wanted an enterprise-grade AP that won't compel me to rob a bank.


OT: Our office just recently switched to Meraki. It's not at all bad. We were using a bunch of D-Links prior and they were a pain... almost useless when the number of connected clients went up to 12 or 13. Being a Cisco partner, we were entitled to 70+% Not-For-Resale (NFR) discount. The access points are warranted for as long as you have an active subscription. The CFO particularly loved the idea that it can be classified as OpEx so that the annual subscription is fully tax-deductible. We would be hard-pressed to find anything not to like about it.

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