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What is the FASTEST Processor Base CPU CLOCK Speed which has been tested in a Gen8?


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Okay, so what is the fastest Processor Base  clock speed CPU GHz which has been tested with the Gen8, which supports ECC.


Desktop Processor i3, i5 or Xeon, not too concerned with Cores, Threads, just pure GHz!


not too concerned with price either, or wattage.


e.g. Xeon E3-1290v2 




this has a Processor Base Frequency of 3.7GHz.


I now it's difficult now, because Intel, have changed the ARK table with reference to ECC for Desktop processors, no for most states NO.


and i3, i5, i7 candidates which support ECC.


PS I've seen the CPU Compatibility table, and after real user experience, that have conducted real tests.


again not concerned about power, wattage, heat, fans, 


just high CPU GHz ?

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The Xeon E3-1290v2 has a TDP of 87W, so I think you are going to need extra cooling for that in the Gen8.


The highest I've gone for is an Intel Xeon E3-1280 v2 with a base frequency of 3.6GHz, turbo 4.0GHz.


It has a TDP of 69W, which I feel is the absolute limit of a system designed for 35W. I don't use any extra cooling.


You can certainly try the E3-1290v2, I can't see any reason why it wouldn't load but I'd keep an eye on the temps, especially if you have four drives in situ



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Thanks Bren


I've read on these forums, someone claimed to be using E3-1290v2 with standard heat sink with no extra cooling.


this is all experimental....to play with.

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That would be me. I have an E3 1290v2 running with the stock heatsink and a bit of cardboard ducting with no problems under full load. According to all available temperature sensors, the CPU temperatures stay comfortably within Intel's spec and the CPU doesn't reach temperatures at which it stops reaching it's TurboBoost speeds.

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Yes I read will probably try the same with newer style Gen8 heatsink e.g. 65 watt version.


I wish you luck in finding one.  Many here would purchase one if they could find it.  And the few places that have listed it charge outrageous prices, but usually are out of stock when called.

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in my opening post I stated "not too concerned with price either, or wattage."


​We have a source, and they could be considered to be expensive, but they are customised heatsinks, a Xeon E3-1290v2 is considered expensive by some.


It depends on your view.


I'll update when the heatsinks arrive.

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