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WHS2011 to Server 2012 Essentials R2 and DrivePool


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i was on WHS2011 now i upgraded to Server 2012 Essentials R2


after i instaled Stablebit Drivepool i cant access my files i keep getting this pop up and i dont understand what to do


the Popup is this ( You Don't Currently Have Permission to Access this folder)



Capture Permission.PNG

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This isn't as much of an issue with StableBit DrivePool as it is with the drive itself.


This is specifically an NTFS permissions issue, and would happen REGARDLESS of the software. 


that said, download this:



And run the "Reset NTFS Permissions on the pool" option. This will reset the permissions to a "clean" state, so you can access everything. After that, you can then use the dashboard to change the permissions (you may want to run the "restore drivepool shares" option as well). 

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thanks for you help


how much free space do i need i have a 37TB pool with 6TB empty when i try the tool all i get is

Fix was not successfully applied there is not enough space on the disk

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At least a few GBs on each disk. The more the better. 


Though, it's odd that you'd get the error at all. 

And you can re-apply it manually (right click on "ServerFolders", select "Properties", and open the "security" tab, click on the "Advanced" tab, and check "replace child ... entries..." and hit "Apply")

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