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Microserver - self-learning project! :)


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Hi guys, 


I'm brand new to the forum and indeed to the world of servers in general. 


Very keen to try and get myself through a bit of a crash course on basic server deployment and administration. 


I've picked up a basic home lab/test server in the form of a HP Microserver G8 but looking for a few tips on what additions I might need to do something meaningful and beneficial as a learning path and I can then work my way through install & datasheets as well as forum tips to build my knowledge as I go. 


From a hardware perspective I'm guessing that I'll need to add the following to my Microserver but feel free to highlight anything else I should be looking at: 


- Additional RAM. Probably 2x 8GB DIMMS.  

- USB for ESXi.

- Looking at 2x WD Red NAS HDD's for hosting VM's. 




Beyond that, I guess I need to think of possible Use Cases to get my brain working! 


From the above HW list you'll see that I am already thinking of deploying ESXi and can obviously then look at deploying eval Windows Server 2012 instance(s) in a VM but what other basics should I perhaps look at initially as I try to build a bit of knowledge? 






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