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SAN Storage - HP GEN8 Microserver ? NOOBIE NEEDS HELP


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Dear all . 



I have been a long time lurker of these forums and have taken incredible amounts of help from others in my early days of home labbing wiht my GEN8's . I have been overwhelmed by the amount of usefull content and great discussions that have been held here ! 


I am in the process of designing a high speed SAN storage array for home lab use until i can figure a production build for one of our datacentres in the UK . 


At present i have loaded my gen8 up with a cheap Qlogiq 2460 card and using a sneaky exploit im running freenas to host the fibre channel . 


Right now my SAN storage for my homelab has set me back 25 quid for the two FC  cards and a 1m cable . * winning *


But . 


I have to build a pre production proof of concept  so a hacked copy of freenas isnt going to fly 



I have spotted for good prices the following HP san enclosures ( HP M6412A ) and need to know if this will require another storage controlling server or weather i can just LC-LC fibre cable this straight into the GEN8 micro's FC card and hope Xenserver picks up the LUN 



I apologise for what is likely considered a peculiar and poor quality first post . I dont usually post in forums but from the wealth of knowledge ive gained from lurking these boards im hoping someone amongst the ranks can help with my latest homelab / Proof of concept endeavour . 



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The M6412A is a drive enclosure to add disks to a HPE EVA storage array. It may run as a JBOD, but not as a SAN.

How many servers do you intend to connect to the production SAN at work?

Is there a requirement to use Fibre Channel?

Do you have a Fibre Channel switch?


Home lab SAN setup can be done in many ways. Using iSCSI instead of FC is a cost effective way to build your storage network. Use separate Ethernet NICs and a Ethernet switch to create the storage network. For your SAN storage array, you could load FreeNAS on a server/PC and set it up as iSCSI target mode. Some of the small NAS devices from Synology, QNAP, Thecus and Seagate can also be set up as a iSCSI target.


How much disk space do you need to test your POC?


Stepping back, what are you trying to achieve at work?

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