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Connect to a PPTP VPN and Citrix VPN simultaneously?


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Hi all, I am having a problem with this. I connect to my work intranet using a Citrix VPN (this is ran by the IT team so I can't alter settings on there), once connected I can browse to http://portal.domain.com and it will take me to the login page on the remote server, when used alone it works fine.


I am trying to connect to my home file share at the same time by using a PPTP VPN to my Draytek router. This VPN works fine even when Citrix is connected, but when I connect to this VPN I can no longer access the pages I need to when browsing to http://portal.domain.com, instead my web browser gives me an error "This page cannot be displayed", presumably because the DNS call isn't going through the Citrix VPN even though the Draytek VPN is not set to "use default gateway on remote network". 


If I ping http://portal.domain.com when the Citrix connection is working I can browse the the resulting IP fine, if I try to browse to this IP when the Draytek connects it fails. The IP on the work network uses a different subnet than both the LAN I am on and my home shares.


I cannot use third parties to host the data due to compliance reasons, so I cannot use Dropbox etc. I must access the data directly on my home server.


Is there a way around this? Using the Draytek VPN I only need to access a single IP so I want all other DNS/routing to behave as if the Draytek VPN is not connected.


Any help greatly appreciated as I am pulling my hair out!

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I believe I have fixed it, if the destination subnet (on the Draytek LAN) is anything but 192.168.1.x I seem to be able to connect to both VPNs without an issue. I am not sure why this is the case but it is working at the moment, will continue to test.

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