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Not connected to Home Server


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I have a Home built home server and last night I had to reinstall because my pc was not turning on for some reason. I reinstalled the software and updated. all my backups were still in place and things seemed to be fine. I noticed that the Home Server Connector icon on all PC's was greyed out, and when I hover over icon it states "Not Connected to Home Server" Do I need to reinstall the connector software on each pc to establish connection with Home Server? Or is there a step that I am missing?

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Can you ping your home server ?

Can you start a RDC ?

If you can do the above, then go into the C:\Program Files\Windows Home Server folder and run Discovery.exe

Since you have the connector software installed, the proof being that you have a greyed out connector icon in the tray, maybe the connection has been broken somehow. running Discovery.exe restarts the connector software.


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